An Adjustment in Scheduled Posts

I’m back from vacation, if you wondered, but the resumption of posting was slow because I was carrying hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, I don’t know, of REALLY FUCKING OBNOXIOUS microorganisms from the Blessed Isles.

Oh, and then after that I was lazy.

Despite the killer microscopic competitors, I paid some slight attention to the site (be thankful, you’re associated with a truly noteworthy case) and decided several things in a thoroughly Daddy-not-democracy way:

  • Daily QOTDs are totally counterproductive, an encounter with brilliance can’t be scheduled, and
  • Frogs shouldn’t remain fixated on Fridays, it isn’t healthy, and
  • a monthly poetry requirement isn’t extreme at all.
  • However, ‘poetry is an ill-defined term’
  • and even really bad poetry is okay
  • Especdially if it’s by a friend
  • or really close relative
  • like, say, yourself
  • or somebody plausibly like you
  • who you could judge impartially, exactly as if
  • you weren’t blatantly abusing your pposition of trust.

~ by B.T. Murtagh on March 2, 2008.

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