Friday Frog

Well, it appears I have readers who are thirsty for a new Friday Frog… so having gotten the awkward segue out there, here is Cyclorana platycephala, the flat-headed water-holding frog of the Australian desert.

Image courtesy of the Open University.

A bone-dry desert isn’t a place you would normally look for a frog, but this one manages by sucking down the water of a rainstorm and conserving it by going into suspended animation (aestivation) until the next one – which is normally a year or so later, and may be several years!

The frog has a waterproof, waxy skin which allows it to retain its water (yes, mostly in its bladder!), unless of course a thirsty Australian aborigine digs it up and squeezes a drink out of it. You saw ewww now, but when you’re walkabout in the desert you take your hydration where you can get it.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on May 16, 2008.

One Response to “Friday Frog”

  1. great man,ta. jimmmy. england.

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