Friday Frog

Whoops, back to back Friday Frogs again – this calls for a lame segue!

13 Maud Island froglets were discovered clinging to the backs of adult male frogs at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellington, New Zealand, according to Kerri Lukis, a researcher at the facility. (Back to back frogs, see… well, I admitted up front it was lame.)

Maud Island frogs (Leiopelma pakeka)

Maud Island frogs (Leiopelma pakeka)

This is great news because it increases the odds of keeping this very rare and special species of frog from extinction. Leiopelma pakeka is a number of unusual features, including round eyes rather than slitted, no external eardrum, no webs on the feet, no tadpole stage, and of course the waay the males care for the froglets during early development. It’s a shame to lose any species of course, but this one really is unusually interesting in several respects, and it’s great to see their odds of survival increase.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on August 1, 2008.

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