Phoenix To Get 5 Freedom From Religion Billboards

Liam threw me a comment pointing out that the Freedom From Religion Foundation will be putting up five “Imagine No Religion” billboards in Phoenix. Presumably this design:

FFRF billboard

FFRF billboard

I’m a supporter of FFRF (though my membership is overdue for renewal, so this is a timely reminder!). I wish they’d put up one of these is Charleston, SC – there are so many Christian billboards here!

Anyway, congrats to Phoenix, and thanks for the tip Liam!


~ by B.T. Murtagh on August 25, 2008.

One Response to “Phoenix To Get 5 Freedom From Religion Billboards”

  1. B.T.: Phoenix will get three “Imagine No Religion” billboards and two “Beware of Dogma” billboards.

    We got a lot of media coverage today–the Arizona Republic article you linked to, NPR radio, Fox 10 News’ website, ABC News 15’s 5 p.m. news and website, and NBC News 12’s 6 p.m. news and website.

    More here:

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