In Praise of Palin

Yes, I finally have something good to say about Sarah Pailn, and no, it isn’t to do with her Caribou Barbie good looks. (I must admit, though, that while I never ever wanted to have a beer in a hotel bar with George W. Bush – or John S. McCain, same difference, dry alcoholic or beer veto-er – I could see myself doing Jello shooters with Sarah Palin in a hotel jacuzzi, as long as she didn’t talk. Gak, that voice – it could bring down a bull moose all by itself, and skin it at the same time.)

No, the good thing about Snowjob Squarepanes is that she seems to bring out unexpected levels of professionalism in journalist types I’d long given up on. First Charlie Gibson demonstrates that he’s not a total Kool-Aid addict, and then Katie Couric shows she has a little steel beneath the marshmallow.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on September 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “In Praise of Palin”

  1. Hey, if the rumors are correct she just might take you up on that offer, leave her huband at home with the kids and spend a day doing Jello shooters in a hotel jacuzzi with another man(i.e. you). History repeats itself, you know?

    Although, I dont think you’d honestly want that either.

  2. To be honest, what I was picturing was Tina Fey doing jello shooters with me in the hotel jacuzzi, pretending to be Sarah Palin to make me laugh.

    The real thing would be way too scary to contemplate.

  3. good ol’ Tina Fey. haha
    well good luck!

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