Golden Primate Award

The obsessively observant among you will have noted the new badge down at the bottom on the right-hand side. Yes, Quarkscrew has received a blogger’s award – my first one, as far as I know. (Apparently I received it a month and a half ago and failed to notice, so it’s possible I’ve received others.)

Golden Primate Award

Golden Primate Award

The Golden Primate Award was instituted by The Radula and is given for excellence in blogging by and to bloggers who are unashamed primates, and carries with it the obligation to pass the award on to a handful of other excellent bloggers who aren’t ashamed to admit to being apes. I don’t know whether it is part of the tradition or not (if it isn’t it should be), but I’ve elected to make the image link to the blog that awarded it to me, in this case Rambling On .

So now I have to think about my nominees. The choice will take careful thought…

Grumpy Lion doesn’t seem to do that kind of badge, and the spare uncluttered look of Ric’s blog wouldn’t even seem to support it. Still, I can drop it in front of the cave and skedaddle.

It would look fine on the Rifter’s Crawl , but I’m a little frightened of approaching Peter Watts; I’m not sure I’d survive if he chose to scorn me.  (Don’t scorn me, Peter! My brain chemistry made me do it! I have a cat!)

On the other hand, while Shalini is at least as fierce as Peter, there’s something alluring about the idea of being spanked by her, and the badge would look fine on Evolved Rational .

PZ Myers of Pharyngula really doesn’t need this award, being an Elder God as well as a primate ("It’s a mystery!" ), but I’m hoping by naming the Dread Lord that the betentacled one will eat me last.

And finally, my last nominee (a handful is five, to us primates) will be the Spanish Inquisitor . Didn’t expect that, now, did you? Our main weapon is surprise, surprise and obvious jokes are TWO weapons, surprise and… You know, there seems to be a lot of fear involved in passing out awards.

Our TWO main weapons are surprise, and obvious jokes, and fear… Amongst our weaponry… I’ll come in again.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on October 12, 2008.

6 Responses to “Golden Primate Award”

  1. I’m honored. I think.

    Perhaps once I investigte this further, I’ll change my mind. If I do, you relize that you will have to be tortured by the Comfy Cushions!!!

  2. An award? Is it tasty? Can I rip it with my claws? Tear it with my fangs? Toy with it as if it were a Republican or a Christian? I miss the Christians from the old arena days… they shredded so easily… but they did taste a bit bitter. Well, I’ll toy with the primate award for a while and then maybe put it up on the shelf with my Stermy award.

  3. I’m so honored…thanks loads!

    I would love to indulge in some nice spanking…



  4. Well, as a potential candidate I cannot in good conscience comment on ongoing deliberations, unlike all these other shameless panderers. I will, however, point out that I am a) much less scary than some would suspect, and b) 100% primate.

    The gold thing, maybe not so much.

  5. Oop! Winter enters:
    awardees, not nominees,
    would be the right word.

    (I don’t speak Japanese, but at least I remembered the seasonal reference, which most ‘haiku’ writers forget.)

    Sorry for my poor communication, Peter – good thing I had a professional wordsmith as a recipient! (Rest of you? If you haven’t already, check out his backlist at – it will change your sleeping patterns.)

    You have already received the award – paste the sigil on your site somewhere. There is no physical award, it’s purely an expression of esteem from fellow primate bloggers. (I will however also throw in a meal and a tasty beverage or several, but you have to collect that part from me in person!)

  6. Watts –

    Who you calling ‘shameless panderers’ as if that were a bad thing? These people have fought for and earned their shamelessness, and all have pandering licenses issued by the Chinese government’s zoological control department. We pander proudly. Someone’s got to do it. There aren’t many left, you know.

    E. Rationalist –

    Call me.

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