Just on the off chance a new voter reads this blog…

You cannot vote by phone, or by email, or via the Internet in any shape or form. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise they are lying to you to try and kill your vote.

Police will not be waiting at the polling station to catch people with outstanding warrants. They are not allowed to, and people who tell you otherwise are lying to you to try and kill your vote.

If you are a college student, voting where you school and live is not going to have any effect on your tuition, financial aid or your parents’ ability to claim you as a dependent, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you to try and kill your vote.

If your home has recently been foreclosed upon, you can still vote, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you to try and kill your vote.

Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday the 4th of November. If anyone tells you it has been extended to Wednesday, they are lying to you to try and kill your vote.

If anyone tells you not to wear political pins or t-shirts to the polls, they are quite likely to be telling you the truth – it varies by location, but in many places you aren’t allowed to do so. Why take the chance?

If anyone tells you to bring some particular piece of ID to the polls, bring it if you have it. Again, it varies from place to place what you need to bring – in most locations your voter’s registration card is all you need, but some places may require other ID. Bring all the ID you have, just to be sure.

If someone tells you the lines are long, that’s also quite possibly true – but don’t let it stop you. History will be made tomorrow, and you’ll be ashamed of yourself if you missed it for trivial reasons. If you are disabled (permanently or temporarily), elderly, or a parent of a young child without a babysitter, or otherwise legitimately unable to stand in line for a long time, poll workers will let you move up in line and/or come out and assist you.

There are people who want to help you vote, and there are others who want to kill your vote. I’m not going to get into which parties tend to be which*, but if you’re aware they both exist they’re not hard to tell apart. If you need voting-related legal advice (free) call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

VOTE!!! It always matters, and this is likely to be the Big One for this generation. VOTE!!!

* Except to say that every voting complaint by Democrats concerns hundreds, thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands being denied the opportunity who should have had it , while the complaints by Republicans always seem to focus on a dozen or so people who might be voting where they aren’t supposed to. Chintzy sods.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on November 3, 2008.

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