I got a nice invitation to the Inaugural…

… and I’m a little puzzled as to what it’s supposed to mean.

I mean, it’s reaaly quite attractive – pretty joined-up writing and all, with a nice seal design at the top. Admittedly technology has made that kind of thing cheaper, but this is really quality design, on heavy card stock with a silky-smooth finish, raised print so thick you can read it with your fingertips – the seal is in gold ink, and raised a good millimeter above the surface, and it was sent flat, not folded, which dramatically increases the postal rates if you’ve never sent anything that way.

The puzzling thing is, it isn’t any kind of a ticket or anything. That would have been nice but I wouldn’t expect such a thing, as there are doubtless millions of people who worked harder than I did, and the tickets to the balls are $150 or so if you can get them. It’s just an invitation to come to Washington DC – and no, the Obamas are not offering to put me up for the night. They’re not even recommending a hotel – hell, they didn’t even include directions on where exactly in Washington DC I should head for.

What is the point of this thing? Since when do I need an invitation to visit the capital city of my nation? Would I be turned back at the city limits if I forgot to bring my invitation? I already got a thank you note from the campaign, and that was a nice thought which I truly appreciated – I’m keeping that one for posterity. This thing is just weird, though; why spend this much money just to invite me to attend an Inauguration I don’t need an invitation to attend? Did they think I might not know about it?



~ by B.T. Murtagh on January 13, 2009.

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