Friends Are Kewl!

Last night when I got off work my truck wouldn’t start, and since I am on second shift now that means slightly after ten at night. I have AAA but they always take hours to get there, no matter where you are. I was all set to be bummed out; there aren’t any mechanics open that late in my neck of the woods either,  should it turn out to be more than a battery issue, which meant a cab ride home and having to get up early to deal with it all.

Luckily my friend Billy also just switched to second shift (from third in his case) and happened by. We weren’t able to jump it, but it did make a hopeful kind of click-whirr, so we figured it might just be that Billy’s car battery didn’t have the oomph my somewhat elderly truck might need. He had a slightly bigger battery at home in his daughter’s car, defunct for other reasons, so we went to his house and got that, and it worked.

A short trek to Wal-Mart (say what you like about them, but they’re 24 hours!) and I was all set. Instead of a lousy evening and a stressful next day, I had quite a pleasant time chatting with Billy while we solved the problem together, and I didn’t have to worry about anything this morning.

Friends are kewl!


~ by B.T. Murtagh on June 2, 2009.

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