I was born 16000 days ago!

Well, actually, 16000 days and one hour… now!


~ by B.T. Murtagh on July 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “I was born 16000 days ago!”

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    btw did you take into account your time zone when figuring that 1600 and one hour? Just seems like something you’d do or will now do since I brought it up.

    • Yes, the program actually assumed noon GMT, and when I ran it it said 15,999 days. I sat down and worked out the correction for Japan and my time of birth and it came up as 2 minutes from NOW, so I jumped up and pulled the cork on the schnapps and toasted myself, then sat down and double-checked my time zone correction! 🙂

  2. My dad’s fiftieth birthday was the same day that I turned 10000 days old. I’m currently 14198 days old.

  3. That’s awesome, GDad! Did you know that going in or figure it out afterward?

  4. About three months before, I had read Melanie Rawn’s Sunrunner trilogy, where there are some exiles from The Land (whatever) that come back, guns a-blazin’ after 100,000 days. Our heroes remark on how badly they must’ve been treated in order to hold a grudge for nearly 300 years.

    Since I was 27 at the time, I decided to see when I would turn 10000 days old. (365*27)+(leap days)+(days since last birthday)=days old. I counted up the difference, and it landed on my dad’s 50th.

    I told Dad about it. He shook his head wearily at his weird son, but he sent me a birthday card for a ten-year-old with extra zeros written in magic marker on it.

    I also have a Javascript counter I wrote on my Windows desktop that counts the days down until my (hopefully worst-case) retirement date of the first of the month after I turn 65. It currently reads “Only 9542 days until retirement! 9541 days until my ironic fatal accident!”

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