This was the #2 stupid healthcare lie…

This was in reply to this comment by me on Get Real’s blog:

I’ll address this “a public system that is to be modeled on the ones in canada,england,france,and scandanavia that have already proven that they don’t work” – they work fine, just look at their life expectancies: Life expectancy in all of those countries is longer than the American life expectancy.

Canada is 8th with 81.83 years, France is rated 9th with 80.98 years, Sweden 10th with 80.86, Iceland 14th with 80.67, Norway 24th with 79.95, the UK 36th with 79.01, Finland 37th with 78.97, Denmark 47th with 78.30, and the United States 50th with 78.11 years.

Perhaps I should explain to you that Scandinavia is a region, not a country, but I’ve been helpful and listed all the Scandinavian countries. They all live longer than we do, you’ll notice. I was unable to find any reference anywhere to people within any of those countries trying to move to a US-type system, but perhaps your superior research skills could just this once provide a link (he asked sarcastically)?

Oh, and my source, which I’m happy to provide, is the CIA. I remembered that last time I provided similar numbers from WHO you didn’t trust the source, on account of they’s foreigners, so I used an American source this time.

ken replied,

doctor fog,you are why i don’t link,to try to use a life expectancy chart to prove that america needs healthcare is funny at best and shows your lack of knowledge of america at worst.with your links you have proven your ignorance of reality.america’s life expectancy is right up their with the rest of the industrialized countrys when you omit the large amountof immigrants that we have in this country,so even though you have ”linked” some really nice facts they are serving only to prove your slanted views, not the truth.

As a healthcare lie, it took the Hawking affair to beat this. As I replied,

Your theory about illegals dragging down the life expectancy doesn’t work, either. There aren’t enough of them. The highest estimate of the number of illegal immigrants in this country is 20 million, by a very politically conservative anti-immigrant organization American Resistance. The population of the United States in toto is a little over 307 million according to the US Census Bureau.

If the average life expectancy of Americans were comparable to that of Norway, middle of the pack according to the CIA, only those 20 million (tops) are dragging us down, then the life expectancy of an illegal x can be found by solving (x/20M)+(79.95/287M)=(78.11/307M). Don’t take my word for it, do the math: x solves to say illegals die on average just shy of half a year before they are born.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on August 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “This was the #2 stupid healthcare lie…”

  1. Good job, Mr. Murtagh!

    Reckon he’ll do the math? 😉

  2. In a word, no.

    Do I reckon he can do the math?

    In a word, no.

  3. He’d have to learn English first. Maybe he’s one of the immigrants dragging down life expectancy. Wow, does that mean I’m going to live a shorter life because an immigrant came here? Does my life get shorter if illegals live closer to me?

    (Okay, bad logic is bad logic. But it’s like an addictive drug…)

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