The Facebook Fracas: Polling On Killing Obama

On Sunday a friend of mine called my attention to a Facebook poll asking whether President Obama “should be killed”:


I posted a comment over on Daily Kos, where someone else made a diary about it.

Naturally, the Kossacks rode down on Facebook with a fury. There were dozens at least of Facebook users reporting the poll as offensive, and it was reported several times to the FBI and the Secret Service. It was eventually taken down at the request of the Secret Service, but almost a day after the reporting began.

Now, I don’t blame Facebook for the poll’s appearance; they can’t control every loon and crank with an account. I do wonder, though, why it took them so long to react. It isn’t like this was something on which reasonable people could disagree as to appropriateness.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on September 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Facebook Fracas: Polling On Killing Obama”

  1. Did they find out who posted the poll? I mean they have to have a facebook account to post it so they must know who did it…

  2. The Secret Service haven’t said anything other than that they’re investigating the matter. It seems like good odds that it was an American, though, and probably not too bright, so whoever it was has probably already had a chat with men in sunglasses.

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