L’État, C’est Moi

I have been hearing so much crap about how health care reform is un-American, and I’m fed up with it.

Health care reform was discussed often during the last election. The people of the United States freely voted in a majority of Representatives and Senators, and a President and Vice President, who were up front about intending to change the current system.

There are things which can only be done by government, and things which can best be done by government, and things which are best done by non-governmental parties but regulated by government.

There are many ways to achieve universally affordable quality healthcare; the systems of Japan, France, the U.K. and Canada are all deeply different. They all work better than ours. They all involve more government too.

I pay my taxes, and I pay attention. As long as my tax money is being spent on programs and legislation which benefit my country (NOT just me personally) more than would be the case otherwise I’m content. The current poor showing of our health care costs and outcomes shows a need for change. We elected people to do just that.

I have health insurance through my employer – could be better, but I’m okay as far as my own needs go.

The thing is, I’m an American, and I find it unacceptable that my country is doing such a poor job of seeing to the general welfare of my fellow citizens.

Individual responsibility and accountability are important, but if we don’t take any responsibility beyond our own individual needs then we aren’t a country.

I have absolutely no buyer’s remorse about electing people I saw as likely to achieve that through reforming health care; if anything, I want them moving faster and farther. By most of the polling I’ve seen, the majority agree with me. The ones opposing it always opposed it, but they were and are the minority. Welcome to democracy.

I’m more than an individual, I’m a citizen, and I want my country to be a better place for all Americans.

Clip art Graphic of a Bandaid Bandage Cartoon Character


~ by B.T. Murtagh on October 1, 2009.

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