The Hunger Site – 10 years feeding people with clicks

The Hunger Site is one of those great ideas that can’t be publicized enough; you click a banner, a company gets a moment of your attention, a hungry person in the world gets a meal. They’ve been around for ten years now; I remember when they started, and I would visit them daily, but sometime during the last decade I forgot about them.

HungerBreast CancerChild HealthLiteracyRainforestAnimal Rescue

They’ve expanded the scope of their activities since then, and you can now not only feed the hungry, but also fight breast cancer, treat sick children, promote literacy, save rainforests and rescue animals. I’ve put the link on my personal homepage and intend to once again start my day donating a minute of my time and a few clicks of my mouse. I would encourage everyone to do the same; it’s a cheap way to make a real difference, and you can start the day feeling you helped.

(All the sites have tab-like links to the others, so start at any of them!)


~ by B.T. Murtagh on November 12, 2009.

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