Shroud of Turin is REAL! REALLY REAL!!

That’s the news that has Christian and especially Catholics all excited.

It’s really, really real all right – because it was LABELED as being the genuine Jesus of Nazareth! That’s right, Vatican scholar Dr. Barbara Frale has made out some text on the shroud that identifies it as being the genuine article.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, you cynics – “If it was a medieval forgery intended to look like Jesus’ burial shroud, what would stop the medieval forger from putting a false label on it?”

Well, Dr. Frale has an answer for you.

Dr Frale said that the text could not have been written by a medieval Christian because it did not refer to Jesus as Christ but as “the Nazarene”. This would have been “heretical” in the Middle Ages since it defined Jesus as “only a man” rather than the Son of God.

And as we all know, especially those of us who are Vatican Scholars, there were NO heretics in the Middle Ages

After it was demonstrated that medieval forgers had all the tools needed to make it, and after three separate laboratories used radio-isotope dating to place it as medieval, people were beginning to lose faith in its authenticity, but they can all relax now, because this new evidence trumps it all. The Vatican should waste no more time, and embrace it immediately as the genuine article.

(And they have the nerve to call atheists fools…)


~ by B.T. Murtagh on November 20, 2009.

One Response to “Shroud of Turin is REAL! REALLY REAL!!”

  1. Well, I’m thoroughly convinced! :-p

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