(Oh, and since it’s Robbie Burns Day…) Bohella’s Retairn

‘Bohella’ literally means ‘little boy’ and is a nickname

similar to ‘Junior’; ‘wemble-bore’ means worm-hole.

The rest you can pick up from context, I hope.

‘Bohella’s Retairn’

Halloo, th’ hoose, ye’re graund t’ see!

‘Tis mayny as missed ye, wee auld maun!

Is’t compnay-keepin’ as ye’d be?

A tick for me brain, an on’y ye can!

An ye’re thankin’ o’ Magrat,

Ach, I’m sham’d tae report

Tha’ I laeft her ta cat

On a fish-naetter’s port.

Swayte Jill, sure she marrit,

An’ Bess came on clapset,

An’ Jaynie’s sae crabbit

As she baits et an’ traps et.

Aye, sunnit days hae passed ye by

Th’ while as ye hae slumber’t,

But as ye’re eyeset t’the sky

Let’s off tae Widdew Humbert!

She whinnets laike an upkept child

An’ she snurts a gromblit snore,

But for a’ her fauts she buckles wild,

An’ haes a lassie’s wemble-bore!

Brian Murtagh


~ by B.T. Murtagh on January 25, 2010.

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