Wasilla Teleprompter

Have you been wondering what talking points in a preplanned, probably pre-rehearsed, softball Q&A Sarah Palin was unable to remember? Here they are:

Energy, -Budget- Tax cuts, Lift Americans Spirits 


Budget Tax cuts

Lift Americans Spirits

I guess she changed her mind about cutting the budget. Cutting taxes is all that matters.

What’s pathetically funny (besides the juxtaposition of this with her disdain for Obama’s teleprompter) is that she couldn’t remember these very broad, extremely basic planks of her platform without a written bullet point to refer to. It makes me wonder if her shoes and feet have L and R written on the soles.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on February 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Wasilla Teleprompter”

  1. hand scribble is better than a teleprompter

    • Yeah, right. Compare this smooth and well-informed performance up against a hostile audience by Barack Obama:

      with this halting and uninformed one by Sarah Palin up against Katie Couric, a notoriosly soft interviewer:

      Which one needed a teleprompter? It isn’t as if Palin never uses one herself. Watch her prepared speeches and you’ll see. For example:


      The point is that teleprompters are a standard tool used by most public speakers. It’s absurd for Palin to twit Obama for using one for prepared speeches, especially when she does so herself, and it’s obvious to anyone who examines the copious video record that in unrehearsed settings Obama is far more articulate than Palin can ever hope to be.

      As for her jotting notes on her hand, apart from the ludicrous and unprofessional look of it (3 x 5 index cards are not that hard to find), the points she felt the need to write down are the kind of broad and general points anyone of normal intelligence should be able to remember without the need for any written notes.

  2. Glad tom see that the ‘Home SCholars’ are teaching their children so well……….

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