Ratzinger Stalled On At Least One PedoPriest Case

The Associated Press / Washington Post report on a pedophile priest in the Oakland, CA diocese who molested “tons” of children (in his own words). What makes this interesting is that for the first time there is documentary evidence, a  letter signed by then-Archbishop Ratzinger, that the present Pope was a main player in the cover-up.

The attempts to downplay the letter’s significance are pretty laughable:

“The press office doesn’t believe it is necessary to respond to every single document taken out of context regarding particular legal situations,” the Rev. Federico Lombardi said. “It is not strange that there are single documents which have Cardinal Ratzinger’s signature.”

Out of context? It’s a letter expressing reluctance to defrock a priest who racked up thirteen counts of child molestation before he was finally laicized, out of concern for the “good of the universal church” and the “detriment that granting the dispensation can provoke within the community of Christ’s faithful, particularly considering the young age.” That’s the priest’s age, not the children’s; wouldn’t want to blight a 37 year old’s career over a few psychologically destroyed children, now, would we?

As one of the attorneys in the case put it,

“Cardinal Ratzinger was more concerned about the avoidance of scandal than he was about protecting children,” Zalkin said in a phone interview. “That was a central theme.”

These are the people who claim atheism is the very font of immorality.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on April 9, 2010.

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