Damn. Too Palin’ obvious, eh?

I was kind of hoping that last post would bring out the apologists for Republicans (yes, I was bored and itching for a virtual donnybrook), but either they’ve stopped reading this blog or reality and/or their consciences caught up with them and they’re finally ashamed of their party’s positions, or at least unable to come up with apologetics for those positions. Or a combination, of course; my blog doesn’t attract many vocal visitors of any kind, and the conservative apologists I do get tend to be second rate.

Maybe it’s just that Republican is too obvious a term. Nah, I get hits on Palin, and no one is more obvious than her. Grifter. Anything for a buck, that one. Catch her accusing Obama of complicity in the BP oil spill crisis? Maybe if he quit halfway through his first term, that would show leadership. After all, only dead fish go with the flow… of course, dead fish may constitute a majority in the Gulf of Mexico now.

Of course, unlike Palin he didn’t sign on to the “Pray the problem away” solution offered by the Louisianan and Texan and Alabaman and Mississipian state governors, even if he was a bit nauseating in the closing piety of his speech. Say, Sister Sarah, how’s that hopie-prayie thing workin’ out for ya? It’s obviously been really effective in keeping oil off the beaches of Mississippi. Or possibly the prayers were just mis-phrased… maybe Mississippians were just praying for their governor to finally acknowledge the problem.

Now that Republican Governor Haley Barbour has finally acknowledged that the spill is a problem, since it’s inconveniencing him personally, suddenly he wants federal help – no, let me rephrase, suddenly he’s upset that the federal help that, like LA Governor (R) Jindal, FL Governor (R) Crist and AL Governor Riley (R), MI Governor (R) Barbour refused to use more than ~10% of is suddenly inadequate.

A thousand hands folded in prayer will never accomplish as much as one pair actually doing some work, Governors (and FL Lt.- Governor (R) Kottkamp, and former AK Half-Governor (R) Palin). Instead of whining to your imaginary friend to save you from the consequences of your shortsighted “Drill, baby, drill” policies, try taking some fucking responsibility and doing your fucking jobs instead of playing fucking politics with the worst fucking environmental disaster in fucking history.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on June 28, 2010.

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