Movie Review: Repo Men

This film could have been a great science fiction comedy; it’s a real pity they hosed it up by trying to make it a drama, because it’s impossible to take such a stupid premise seriously.

Yeah, all that sophisticated biomechanical prosthetic technology, including remotely readable serial numbers, and no one in R&D ever thought to build in a freaking off switch on a resettable timer?

No, the best they could come up with is “Let’s send guys out with big scalpels to cut the used organs out of deadbeats.” Public Relations signed off on this shit?

You’d think that at a bare minimum Legal would have written in a clause saying the Union (and what kind of retarded corporate branding is that, incidentally? Labor must have really screwed the pooch at the old contract negotiations) could harvest your good natural organs when you default on the artificial one.

As it is, it’s hard to grok how there can be such a shortage of transplant organs when the Repo Men are leaving nice fresh cadavers laying around all over the city, most only missing one vital piece.

The flick does have its comic moments, some of them even apparently intentional. Those tend not to be the best ones, though. The nine year old backroom surgeon isn’t actually all that funny, given the tech, but the protagonist recognizing the romantic interest because he wonders how she knows the song “Cry Me A River” – that’s classic, almost as funny as the notion he’s going to find a fully functional non-electric manual typewriter just laying around somewhere.

Sadly, the drearily mechanical plot (ZOMG the Repo Man gets a prosthetic heart and can’t make payments! How unexpected!) and mind-numbingly obvious dialogue (“What are you going to do?” “End this.”) are topped only by the stark implausibility of the action.

I mean, come on, he fights his way through a corridor packed full of security pros to the single server room, behind the only color-coded (pink) door in corporate headquarters, containing all the non-backed-up records the Union owns, and only at that point realizes he has no idea how the records are interfaced… but luckily in a burst of inspiration realizes that he can just perform surgery there and the server room… And luckily his friend turned nemesis catches up and had both a change of heart and a handy grenade, without which even that heroic access would be pointless, and then… And then… then… *sob!*

Oh, sod it, if you want to see how stupid a non sequitur turd of an ending this film has you should have to suffer for the privilege the way I did.

I will say this, the soundtrack is awesome. There were moments when that was all that kept me going.


~ by B.T. Murtagh on August 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Movie Review: Repo Men”

  1. Have you tried to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera? Much the same thing. Organ repossession, potential goodness, completely fucked up.

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